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How do you stay in touch with your dealers, customers and partners if there are no trade fairs? How is it possible to listen to your customers and understand their tasks and problems? How do you emerge from a crisis stronger as a brand?

Challenge accepted!

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With the PALFINGER World Tour 2020, we have created a format that allows interactive exchange with customers and dealers, generating reports on the challenges facing target groups and offering solutions, too. A broad-based campaign was launched to draw attention to the format and the specially created platform. Interested parties were able to sign up to watch live content specific to their region. Over a period of three days, we streamed worldwide, reported on core competencies, accepted challenges and provided interesting keynote speakers.
We put on a fascinating product show featuring emotionally inspiring highlights and facilitated expert discussions and round tables that reflected the complete solution portfolio offered by PALFINGER AG.

Many thanks for the lively months spent in preparation, the memorable event days and a successful show!

Challenge completed!

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