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On 31 May 2023 the time had finally come - the big weltwärts Festival took place in the Jahn stadium in Göttingen. With over 1200 participants, the five-day event was not only about celebrating, but also offered a wide range of workshops. In addition, there was the big 15 years weltwaerts birthday party, which featured an exciting stage programme and many great highlights.

"We really had some great festival days. This event reflects exactly what is closest to our hearts at weltwaerts: To highlight opportunities and develop ideas together, exchange perspectives and learn from each other", says Astrid Neumann, Head of the weltwärts coordination office at
Engagement Global.

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More than 100 workshops took place in over 20 areas of the stadium and in the city of Göttingen. The topics were "Food of the future - water, earth, people, how sustainable is my food?", "Peace education and peace logic in political education", "Conscious whiteness (for people with a white position)", "Non-violent communication", "Are voluntary services still in keeping with the times? And what are the new concepts for global justice engagement?" or "Climate change in Niger".

There were also sporting activities such as "Peace Ball", "Football Worldwide - Diversity and Fair Play", laughter yoga, meditation courses, "Performance Throwdown" or a "One World Cinema" as well as a clothes swap party against fast fashion.

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There was also enough space for spending time together and especially for exchanging experiences between committed alumni, interested parties and volunteers: In addition to enjoying breakfast together after camping, there were panel discussions and concerts in the evenings with artists such as Ezè Wendtoin, Nikra or of course the big birthday party for the 15th anniversary of weltwärts.
A jointly created mural remains as a lasting memory. #EtwasDasBleibt

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